Thursday, 20 October 2011

Inglot Palette number three - Swatches

The penultimate palette for you to see, this is my go to palette if i'm not awake enough to think about what I want to wear! 

 Palette number three in all its neutral glory! 
 Left to Right: 350M, 349M, 342M, 337M, 461DS
 Left to Right: 357M, 360M, 363M, 402P, 31AMC
  Left to Right: 335M,52AMC, 42AMC, 421P, 37AMC
  Left to Right: 365DS, 327M, 326M, 329M, 420P
The 420P I already have in one of the other palettes, I wasn't meant to swatch it but I was being dumb! This is what happens when you go to buy more eyeshadows but don't take a list of what you have so realistically I should give this one away and replace it from their site if you think this is a good idea let me know!


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