Wednesday, 8 May 2013

HUGE Make Up Swap from the US

Hi there! Long time no speak, I know, I am rubbish with this blog but to be honest I don't think I've established what I should use it for. I mean I'm no beauty guru I just love make up but don't generally have a good enough face to take pictures of it daily and put them out there! However I do get the urge to write inspired posts about make up especially when I get a hefty ass box of it from the USA!!!
So I am going to warn you now this blog post will be VERY picture heavy! As I don't film videos like Jerlyn does This is just going to be a still life version! 

 So I was so excited to get this I didn't even wait till I got dressed to open this, so here's a sexy PJ shot.... hummm Doughnuts (not gonna lie bough these because of EssieButton)
 This was the first thing on the top and its a Sonia Kashuk brush set which is amazing I have wanted to try these brushes for ages and this set was perfect!
 As you can see this is one heck of a box! I love the mint green peanuts and the multi coloured tissue paper she had wrapped everything in!!!
 This was a very cute little bag of samples and perfumes that she had sent me! A fab idea. I only threw a few in to my box for her I wish I had thought about it a bit more because I have so many of those sample packs hiding around!
 A close up of the craziness.
 Heel rescue balm, two Milani lip products, MAC Creemesheen Glass and NYX Lippie
 I loves all the little notes, it's like a clue to what's inside also I think she said her cousin helped her do the wrapping hence all the stickers. They were also scratch and sniff.... No joke the Banana ones were A-MAZ-ING!!!!
 Sally Hansen Salon effects THREE OF THEM!!!

 ELF Mascara and NYX lashes
 ohhhh those stickers lol LOVE! 
 A very nice little ELF palette and cream eyeliner!
 It's never ending!!
 Ooooh how exciting... Yes I did what I was told!!! 
 These were such a surprise I adore the colours. I could not wait to try these!
 A BareMinerals blusher and a Victoria Secret Blusher
 OOOH The famous NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencils - she had sent me the one in Milk in my first swap box and I loved it!
 Milani Liquid Eye liner 
 Face masks
 ELF BLusher and mineral lipgloss

I wanted one of these palettes so bad!!! 
I was so excited to get this I had asked for this and I squealed a little bit when I got it! 
I have heard so many amazing things about these palettes I couldn't wait to try them!
 Senna - a neutral eye shadow trio which is really pretty and an Ulta single eye shadow 
 Two Maybelline 24 hour colour tattoos
 Two of the Revlon Lip butters
 Now this is so funny, I got my parcel Friday morning and I kid you not but on Wednesday I was in Boots looking at Peach Parfait thinking I really want to get this it is such a lovely colour! I refrained as I knew I was getting a box of goodies in the post soon so I walked away.... AND IT FOUND ITS WAY TO ME ANYWAY!!! Jerlyn is amazing I swear I didn't even ask for these! 
 Some lovely NYX loose pigments
 A BareMinerals lipgloss and ELF luscious liquid Lipstick and I think this one is her very favourite and I know she talks about it in many videos!
 Two Lippies from Wet N Wild
 This was a complete surprise...
 The studio Gear lippie was fab  although a little to brown for me at the moment however my mum snapped it up from me as she wears these colours all the time. I loved the packaging though so would love to see what other colours they do!
The Kat Von D Lip glosses were such a surprise the packaging is beautiful and the two colours she picked were lovely one was a red and the other a muted rose pink brown. So looking forward to wearing these! 
I knew exactly what these where....
China Glaze Anchors Away Collection
I had asked for these especially and I think she bought them well over a year ago as this box swap has been a good two years in the making I think! I loved this collection when it came out but the problem is over here the sets are around £45+ each and I think she got them for around $30 which is insane. SO I was beyond happy when I saw these! 
A NYX Make up bag and some NYX palettes plus she threw in some brushes which was very nice!
NYX Runway Collection palette in Champagne & Caviar
NYX I dream of Jamaica Palette
Some brushes
See I did what I was told!!! 
I know she has had this on her blog sales a few times and to be honest I would have bought it off her but I could not believe this was in my box, It was so sweet! Ahhh I love it. I never managed to get this when it came out in the UK I think I was either away at sea or it just sold out before I got near it!!! Cannot get over this one!!! So amazing!!! 
This was the aftermath..... hummmm

WOW that was a post and a half! I have to thank Jerlyn so much for such an amazing box I think we really did well this time. This box was, like I said two years in the making, since we had done our last one so there has been alot of thought to it. It isn't cheap to do one of these just to warn you, we try to set a budget but don't really stick to it. Especially when it is bought over so many months it doesn't feel so bad. The shipping is a killer though our boxes were around 6-7lbs each and we both had to use a courier to ship them out. I think if I remember rightly hers cost me £44 and the one she shipped to me was $66 so it's does, do you in on that front. Hence the two year gap. 
I just want to add I hope no one thinks I am bragging with this post it was just my way of showing what she sent me as I know she mentioned it in the video and there have been comments of people wanting to see. I do also know this is alot of make up. My sister said when she saw it that it was more make up in that one box than she has owned, ever! This has sparked a clear out for me and alot of my new back ups that I don't need have gone on eBay and I've given away stuff too. So I am going to try and down size! 
Now I have to say I am very lucky to have met Jerlyn through her You tube and we are friends online which is how we decided to do this. I do see so many horror stories of people doing swaps and getting screwed over that I am very thankful I have found such a honest and lovely young woman to befriend and share this all with! 
We both wrote each other a long letter which was so nice as it meant we got to learn about each other on a more personal note. I intend to reply to her letter and keep that going as no one writes any more and I love getting letter in the post! 
I know we have already mentioned our next one which WILL be smaller but we are going to aim for a higher end package. This I imagine will take another few years... That's if we don't visit each other and end up going shopping together one day. God think of the carnage that would be!!

Anyway that is all for this epic post. Once again a massive THANK YOU to Jerlyn!!!
All her links will be below and you can check out her video on her You Tube channel to see what I sent her!
If you made it to the end I am impressed!!!

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