Monday, 17 October 2011

Inglot Palette number two - Swatches

Back again for round number 2, I hope you liked the first selection so lets get straight on into to my pinks and purples palette! 

 This is the whole palette - pretty huh! 
Left to right: 50AMC, 495DS, 449P, 48AMC, 359M
Left to right: 375M, 320M, 334M, 346M, 440P
Left to right: 494DS, 74AMC, 39AMC, 441P, 429P, 
Left to right: 73AMC, 75AMC, 67AMC, 388M, 68AMC

Some of these colours are so pretty, I love to wear bright eyeshadows everyday if I can. Best way to make any bright wearable is to work a matte brown shade into you outer corner and crease. It doesn't have to be massively bold as long as you blend it well its will tone down enough of the bright shadow to make it more day time friendly! 



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