Sunday, 16 October 2011

Inglot Palette number one - Swatches

Hello ladies and lads (if any read this blog) I just thought I would do something simple tonight and that is a to help anyone who is looking to purchase any of the Inglot shadows int he freedom system as they are available online at

Now I bought my first palette of 10 eyeshadows in 2009 from Westfield in London and I fell in love with them the second I used them! This was when the palettes of 10 cost around £35 as far as I remember. I was able to get Pro discount and it made the palettes £28!!! OMG £2.80 per shadow I was so happy and said to myself that's it no more MAC shadows for me!

However they decided to do the price hike in January 2010 for IMATS which is where I was intending to pick up several more palettes but didn't as this made them far to pricey! So It was only when I got the chance to go to New York on ship this year that I was able to pick up 70 more eyeshadows (yes excessive I know but I do love them) that I was able to build up my collection to what it is now. SO to help those of you who are wanting to buy off the website I thought I would swatch what I owned and make it a little bit easier to see the true colours on skin than what they have on the website. Now the 10 pan palettes are £53 once you have added the shadows at £4 x 10 and the cost of the palette at £8 so your looking at £5.30 per shadow which isn't bad I mean it's a lot less than MAC or Clinique for example even most "drugstore" brand are around the £5 mark for a single shadow! 

Right let me get on with it.... enjoy the mini swatch fest! 
This is the whole palette, unfortunately I have been using most of these shadows for a while so the picture shows all the brush and finger marks in them! Sorry about that! 
 Left to right 387M, 324M, 419P, 459DS, 422P 
 Left to right 420P, 444P, 500DS, 23AMC, 63AMC
 Left to right 426P, 428P, 483DS, 498DS, 62AMC
Left to right 24AMC, 33AMC, 32AMC, 480DS, 70AMC

I hope that helps :) 


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