Friday, 4 May 2012

MAC Hey, Sailor! Collection Summer 2012

Okay gonna start straight off with this one yes I bought it all myself, no I am not rich I just decided that I wanted these goodies more than I wanted to eat or do anything else at all this month! I know it is a lot of make up and I know its a waste of money but I don't have a life so who cares, this makes me smile! 
No you may know I am OBSESSED with anything Union Jack related or Anchor related!!! So this collection was always going to hurt my wallet! But to be honest I love it I never saw the first sailor collection which was I believe 2007 Naughty Nauticals I mean I picked things up at CCO's but not when the collection came out. As I wasn't really a massive MAC fan then. Also I would like to say I am not a collector I use my products and there are so many brands that do equally or better products just look at my Inglot palettes! I just have issues with anything Sea related!!!

So lets get started....

 High-Light Powder in Crew
This highlighter is very pretty, the colours of the pattern are just an overlay so sadly will disappear very soon :( but i love the powder. Know I am not a massive highlighter fan to be honest I do not like heavy shimmer as I don't have the best skin and I really don't need to draw any attention to my face! However this one seems to be a happy medium its highlightery enough to be of use but not a shimmer brick so I think I will like this greatly The colour is pink based but just looks like luminous skin more than a colour! On me anyway! I tried to swatch this but it didn't show hence why it isn't included in the swatches. 
Lipsticks in Salute! (Amplified)  and Red Racer (Satin)
I am not a huge lipstick fan but when my lips are in good condition I do wear them and I am addicted to red lips but I wont bother unless my lips are smooth as hell. I just hate the feeling that I can feel the lippie gathering on my lips. So it will be interesting to see what these are like on. Swatching them the Red looks lovely a very flat pillar box red I think this will suit a lot of people. Now Salute! I am not too sure about it didn't look as orange toned on the website as It is in real life but it still may be workable, I shall have to let you know on this one! 
Eye pencil in Blue Stripe and Power point lip pencil in Shore Leave 
I love blue eyeliner its my second go to next to a black. My favourite is Petrol Blue from MAC I haven't a clue what collection it was from but it's lovely. This is similar and metallic too so I cannot wait to wear this one! 
I do not have many lip liners but I thought it would be nice to try one with a lipgloss which is the lip product I tend to wear more often than anything else so I wanted something not pink not coral kind of in the middle and I saw this in the collection and thought why the hell not! 
Lipgless in Send Me Sailing and Orange Tempera 
So basically I bought the gloss to match the lippie! Woohooo clever thinking! I love red lip glosses as its an easy introduction to a red lip, you can make it sheer or whack it on top of a lip stick and amp up the drama! A neutral and a red, you just cannot go wrong! 
Suntints SPF20 Liquid lip balm in Au Rose 
THIS IS BEAUTIFUL I do not know why I haven't tried one of these before they are so yummy the colour is subtle but just enough plus the smell and moisturise is heavenly! I may be tempted to get the other two of these from this collection 
Eyeshadows in Jaunty and Nautical Navy 
Well the blue was going to be a given, its a deep navy with blue glitter, very fine and very pretty. Jaunty is a lovely bronzed antiqued gold perfect everyday colour. 
Bronzing Powder in Soft Sand 
Bit scared about this one I took a chance and guessed on the website as all 4 bronzers looked the same dark tone so I risked it for a biscuit! I will have to try this in the morning. I have the Go-Go-Lightly from the Surf by collection and I use that on most days and that looked similar in the pan so it may just require a light hand and dual fiber brush!
Blusher in Lunch Away! 
This is a matte blusher with a peached toned baby pink colour it's lovely although it is very light, so it may not be great for you medium to dark skin toned beauties! 

Cute temporary tattoos that were in my box! 

So what did you get? Do you love or hate the packaging? Have you any questions?
Stay salty sea dogs!!!