Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sinful colors Nail Polish in Boots UK now!

So I popped into Boots the other day to help mum pick out some face cream as we had two No7 vouchers that we HAD to use up before they expired today. As we walked into out little tiny boots that we have in Winchester I was stopped by this beautiful display of nail polishes that I hadn't seen before. This was the newly launched in the UK, Sinful Colors (spelt the wrong way *twitch*), a popular american brand that has made it's way over here. Even my mum liked the look at these. So I had to pick up a couple at least just to try them and mainly because they were £1.99 although in the US they are $1.99 so we still aren't getting a bargain like they do! Never mind hey it's now one of the cheapest nail polish brands in Boots. So we can't complain all too much. I also discovered whilst walking around with two of the polishes in my hand that it was 3 for 2... so I walked back to the display for my free one :) 

 These are the Three that I chose, I Love neons for my toes and I'm OK with most colours on my fingers so I just picked up the ones that grabbed me first. The display was pretty empty already there were no reds or many pinks left. But never mind!
 Nail Junkie, Dancing Nails and Timbleberry
 One days wear on the polish, ALL polish give up the go on my nails very quickly so this is holding out pretty good to be honest. Just some slight tip wear and a chip on the corner.
 Love this colour, had to put it on as soon as I got home! This is without a top coat or base coat because for me personally It makes no different to wear on the polish so I'd rather save myself the hassle and not bother with two extra steps!
 Nail Junkie (flash)
A Teal jelly like base with silver, teal and opal glitter of different sizes. Tried this on one nail and was opaque in two decent coats. Personally would do this over a teal chrome like colour and use this as a thick top coat. 
 Timbleberry (flash)
A Coral neon pink which dried slightly darker with more of a red hue in my eyes. I think this would need three thinner coats for a fully opaque. I was hoping it to be more true to a neon but it wasn't. Still a nice colour though. 
Dancing nails (flash)
A Copper based rose gold which is just lovely. It has a duo chrome like finish and it very smooth. 
This colour actually reminded me of my absolute favourite nail polish which is Bad Fairy from the MAC Venomous Villains Collection which was limited edition and I think I'm down to half a bottle which saddens me greatly! But it is pretty similar although Bad Fairy is an actual glitter polish. 
 It doesn't have the Yellow tones to the extent that Bad fairy does but it's close enough to make me happy. Plus I find the MAC polishes chip like hell on me so this polish maybe my go to instead of Bad Fairy :D 
So some final thoughts on these little beauties:
*Drying time was brilliant. I use my hands all the time and I don't have the patients to sit and wait for polish to dry but these dried in a reasonable amount of time and were touch dry very quick. 
* The price cannot be faulted at £1.99 a bottle and when they are three for two they work out at £1.33 a bottle!!! 
*The colour selection was impressive I think they have 72 colours which is fab! Obviously I haven't tried all the finish types but I generally find matte/nude/natural polish won't have the greatest of pigmentation and I do not have the patients for more that 3 coats and three is pushing it to be honest. 

Overall I am happy with these polishes and really cannot wait to get some more!