Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Clarisonic PLUS

So I had looked into the Clarisonic system when at home but in the UK the price is jacked up so much that I had never really thought it was worth the money but since coming over to the Caribbean and finding Clarisonic in Sephora I was drawn back to it again. Unfortunately when I have a bad day onboard I generally make it better by shopping ashore! Not the best way of solving problems but hey! 
So after much deliberation I decided to purchase the Clarisonic Plus for face and body in Pink of course I always take the opportunity to support Breast Cancer whenever I can.

Right so this is what the box says….

The Clarisonic PLUS offers three speeds for face, plus a body needing extra attention. Clarionic removes 6 times more make up than normal cleansing alone.
  • Clears pores and reduces appearance of pore size
  • Cleanses so effectively that skin care products are absorbed better
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps reduce oily areas, dry patches and blemishes
  • Remarkably gentle for cleansing all skin types even sensitive conditions such as rosacea and acne
I purchased mine around the second week of March so I have been using it everyday for about 2 months now. Right so let me go through the claimed benefits and tell you what I have experienced so far. Pore size, now as far as I am aware you can reduce the appearance of pores but never actually change the size of your pores, unfortunately you have to live with what you’ve got. However I have found that around my problem areas, such as my nose and chin, the pores appear smaller but I think that’s more to do with them being better cleansed. A pore will look larger if it is clogged ergo better cleansing means less debris on your skin and therefore better looking skin.

Absorbing skin care products more efficiently. Now this is what I have noticed more than anything. I have sensitive dry skin with an oily forehead thanks to a 4 month treatment of Roaccutane for bad acne. Since using the Clarisonic my skins ability to absorb products has meant that I need to apply less products throughout the day. My skin has never felt more hydrated. Its all well and good spending all the money we do on expensive products but if your skin isn’t absorbing them to the best of its ability then they are kind of going to waste. So instead of waking up and thinking god I look awful I actually think hummm I look ok for once!

Fine lines and wrinkles, now I can’t really comment on this, as I haven’t as of yet had to worry about such problems. However I think if your skin is able to get the benefits of the products you use and is better moisturised then it should at least help the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Like I said before I had random skin and using this system has helped balance everything, which is brilliant. My forehead is less oily, dry patches have been reduced and generally there is more unity across my skin. I have noticed a big change in the effects of using the Clarisonic with regards to monthly blemishes. I still get the odd breakout but its more one or so here and there than a whole area driving me to eat more chocolate or drink wine to make me feel better. So to be honest it has done wonders and has helped me feel happier in my own skin, which for me to say is a big thing!!

It is defiantly gentle, it feels very refreshing and it makes it a pleasure to use in the morning to wake up and before bed to feel super clean before sleep. Plus it’s a great way to time how long you leave you hair conditioner in for. Random I know but use it in the shower after putting your conditioner then by the time your face is clean its time to rinse!!!

Let me know if you have used a Clarisonic and how you like it or if you have any questions about my experience!