Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Current Bracelet obsessions

Hey there! Long time, no speak. How have you been?!!! Hehehe well this post is a little different to the usual make up orientated ones that I write (when I even write them) but I have been so in love with my arm candy lately, that I thought I would share. 
Now I have work at many jewellers from chain owned ones to branded and independent family run business and it wasn't until I left my now current Jewellers in the begging of this year to go back to sea, that I discovered the love of bracelets that was hiding inside me! I have only ever really worn my Tiffany Anchor necklace, which was  a 21st birthday present and my Tag Heuer watch also a 21st birthday present. I always flirted with costume jewellery but would buy it wear it once and then it sits in a draw. But recently I can't stop loving mixing up my bracelets and getting paid in jewellery basically! 
So I felt the need to share this with someone! Plus it might help you re think how you wear any of your pieces!
Right arm...
Right so yes I know it's ALOT but I love it, I love the colours the mixtures the textures and strangely I love the feel and the weight! Here, from top to bottom, we have a Thomas Sabo Black Onyx Friendship Bracelet with the Thomas Sabo charms "cloud" and "lightening". Secondly a Sapphire single Candy Bling Friendship Bracelet. Thirdly the Quartz Friendship Bracelet with the "beauty" charm which has a little lippie, perfume and heart that say's beauty junkie on it plus a 3 keys charm. Final two bracelets are also by Candy Bling and are the 3 Red and full white crystal Friendship Bracelets. 
Left arm...
A bit less on this arm (thankfully) starting from the top my "return to Tiffany's" oval trigger clasp silver bracelet, My Tag Heuer watch if anyone wants to know is an Aquaracer with white mother of pearl face and diamond number dots. and sapphire crystal glass  Second bracelet is my Lovelinks classic charm bracelet with a red themed selection of charms. Then finally my silver Pandora which was my treat to myself on my last trip away at sea. 
If you want more detail for the charm bracelets then let me know and I can detail the charms and photograph them a bit better individually! 
All in all I love all my bracelets and considering I never used to wear any its crazy to think this is normal for me know. But at least working in a jewellers I can give the best advice for cleaning and maintain the branded items like these. 
Tell me what your favourite's are and what you like to wear! I'd love to know as it will probably inspire me to get more! (not really needed) ciao for now! xoxox 


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