Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Blog sale!

Hey lovelies long time no speak! Have had a massive clear out and have so many Items that need a new home! All items are brand new and have never been used. They all come with Original packaging. If you are interested send me an email with the items you require, you email address for paypal to larissa.anne.carey@googlemail.com or leave a comment on this post. Postage (UK) will be £1.50 and 50p per additional item. For overseas shipping please email me and I will calculate it on the weight of the items you require. Enjoy! Xoxo

Estee Lauder 5 tone shimmer blush in pink shimmer £21

Estee Lauder artist eye pencil in black £10

Estee Lauder nail lacquer Gold £7

Estee Lauder stay in place shadow stick in sand shimmer £10

Estee Lauder tender balm in tender caramel £7

Clinique blusher in bare pinks £12 SOLD

Clinique colour surge lipstick in Platinum plum £8 SOLD

Clinique fresh bloom in blackberry bloom £18

Clinique High Definition mascara in black £10 SOLD

Clinique long last lipstick in paprika £8

Bobbi Brown tinted lip balm in golden pink £7

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in summer tan £11

Bobbi Brown in brown shimmer £10

Bobbi Brown eye shadow in silver £10

Bobbi Brown eye shadow in Mink £10

Bobbi Brown cream blush stick in busty mauve £10

MAC slimline lipstick in Grenadine £8

MAC Pigment glitter in Blackened Red £11
MAC Liquidlast eyeliner in Visionaire and Molten Sol £9 each

MAC Lipglass in Hey Sailor! £8

MAC Eye shadow Suite in Blue Zone £8 SOLD

MAC Eye shadow Suite in Ocean 2 £8

MAC Blush in Enough Said £12

MAC Eye Quad in Tempting Eye £20 two available

MAC Single eye shadows in Beauty Marked(x2) Plum dressing and Et Tu Bouquet? £8 each
MAC Metal X eye shadow in £6

MAC Metal X eye shadow in £8

MAC single pan eye shadow in Beautiful Iris £6

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Product Rave: Compeed Anti Blister Stick

OK let’s admit it girl’s we love heels! But we don’t love what they do to us! Well fear not I have the perfect solution for that exact problem. Compeed make an Anti Blister stick which basically you apply wherever you need that barrier between you and your fabulous shoes. I have to say it’s one of the best things I have used, normally I carry about 400 plasters in my handbag for these types of problems but now all I need to have with me is this magic little stick! It retails for around £3.99 for 8ml of product and is available in Superdrug and Boots. It has the feel of a balm nothing greasy like Vaseline but more like liquid skin. All I can say is prevention is better than cure, so if you think your shoes are going to hurt whack this on and you won’t need to think about your shoes all night!
If you hate carrying blisters and want a handy sized solution try this I can guarantee that you won’t look back!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Goodies Swap with Jerlyn AKA Makeupfreeek

OMG I was so excited to come home from The Isle of Scilly on Friday to find a massive box on my bed waiting for me! I couldn’t believe what massive amounts of goodies she had sent to me. This is just a quick post to say THANKS to Jerlyn for sending me so many wonderful things. I will be putting more posts up later when I have played around in more depth and can give you a tried and tested opinion of the stuff she sent me.
This is just a few of the things she sent me If any of my new followers want a post on a specific thing then comment and let me know!
The lovely things she sent me!!!.... 3 China Glaze polishes, MAC MSF in Refined, MAC Blush in Spaced Out, NYX blush, 10 single eye shadows, lip glosses, 4 lipsticks, nail art pen in black, NYX jumbo pencil in milk, Sigma shadow, ELF Lip gloss, ELF lashes, NYX lashes, NARS Lip Gloss, Stila Smudge pot.... and many more!!!!
Once again I would like to thank Jerlyn for sending me all of these amazing things I love it all so much!!!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Avon’s Solutions Total Radiance Day & Night Cream + Illuminating Eye Cream

I have been using this skin care line for about a year now and I don’t think Avon get enough credit for their products! If you’re looking for an inexpensive day and night cream, then look no further than Avon UK. This brand, Solutions, is always on offer so you are roughly looking at about £4 per jar which is 50ml and trust me a little goes a long way! Sometimes they are 2 for £8 or half price. So it’s always good to wait for an offer to appear on the website.
I have found using these over time has changed the feel of my skin dramatically so much so I have recommended to friends and they have loved it! The creams are light but highly moisturising and make a great base for using under foundation. The eye cream is more of a gel based formula and you only need the smallest about I have had my pot for a good 4 months yet and It doesn’t even look touched!!
This range is currently on offer on the avonshop.co.uk website. Solutions – Total Radiance
The full range of the AM cream, PM cream, Illuminating Eye Cream and Revitalising cleansing wipes are on offer for £10 currently!!
To be honest it’s a bargain and it works, so if you are looking for a cheap alternative to those lovely creams we would all like to purchase but can’t always afford it then I would suggest giving Avon a chance! If you don’t like it at least you’ve only lost out on a few pounds! Check is out at http://avonshop.co.uk/
Stay Radiant my lovelies! Xoxo

Saturday, 3 July 2010

In the Groove Haul

Well, this collection came out on Thursday the 1st July which is crazy as its yet another collection that has been released in the UK before the USA!! The previous full collection, MAC To The Beach, was realised over here first unfortunately I didn’t really get to look at it before all the good stuff sold out so no Marine life for me! Never mind!!!

So the thing I was most excited about was the Mineralized Skin Finished (MSF) and I was so happy that I managed to get the three I wanted. Ok so the one I was most excited about was “By Candleight” it is a beautiful skin toned champagne colour which give a lovely sheen, basically the perfect highlight!

Second MSF is “Petticoat” this is a burnt rose also not too shimmery which some of the MSF’s can be. Personally this will be an evening pop of colour on the cheeks or even on the lids I’m pretty pale so I tend to be very soft with colour as I get paranoid about looking too doll like with bright cheeks I over blend to be sure!

Finally the one that has a little bit of a cult following “Stereo Rose” this is a lot stronger in the pan than on the skin. It is a coral with bronzed veining it transfers as a very subtle peach coral. Very gorgeous! I cannot wait to wear this.

I also got a mineralized blush from the collection called “Happy Together” I love the name! Its caramel and a light bronze the perfect contouring and highlighting duo, or swirl it for some cheek action!

I also got a Superglass which Steve helped me chose which one, it’s nice to have a man’s opinion sometimes! It is “Sugar Overload” a very nude colour it is crazy how much glitter they pack into these. It is slightly tacky but I don’t think it’s too bad. On its own it’s nothing amazing it just gives a nice shimmery gloss but over some lippy will make it pop just that little bit more! Am tempted to look into the brighter colours.... I’m not sure.
So what will you be buying from this collection???

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine xoxo

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Estee Lauder Company Store Haul

Hey guys,
This is a pretty awesome Haul. I had the pleasure of going to the Estee Lauder company shop in Petersfield, UK which is like the CCO's which are around the world BUT the discounts are like 30-70%!! it’s crazy I always get so much when I go and its just silly prices! You can basically pick up discontinued stuff as well as limited edition and over stock. So this is just to share with you what I got!
Right! This is everything I purchased which came to a total of £118 for 17 MAC items, 3 Clinique, 1 Estee lauder and 2 Bobbi Brown CRAZY I know!!!

MAC Dazzleglass in Hey, Sailor £6 now I bought two of these cos I’m a Sailor! And I kinda had to! I was on the Oosterdam in 2007 when this came out and didn’t buy any them as I spent something stupid on Bobbi Brown as that was the brand I loved then but now I regret not getting it as I want it for collectors purpose. I managed to get Ensign and Love knot from a CCO not long ago so that make me happy and I have 3 of the pigments and one of the Eye Shadows so I’m getting there!!

MAC Dazzleglass in Goldyrocks £8 and Utterly Posh £7 i wouldn’t normally buy these from a regular MAC store as they are expensive and you get like no product so I thought I would try some at least from here they aren’t too pricy and see if I like them!
MAC Dame Edna Beauty Powder in Spectacle this was £9 and I didn’t even realised it had the gold embossing on it until I got it home! Love it too scared to use it!!
Ok I have no idea why I thought this pigment would be practical but it was too awesome to leave behind! It was £8 as you can see which is a saving of £7 from the original price. The colour is crazy and unless I go raving soon I don’t know how I will make this work!!!
MAC Liquidlast Liner in Visionaire and MAC Glitter Eye liner in Kitty Power which is from the Hello Kitty collection which was cool as I totally missed that Collection I think I was at sea or something maybe in Alaska or something rubbish like that! So I’m trying to get some of it from places like this and CCo’s. I think these were like £7 each.
MAC Eye Shadows in Mont Black £5 and Beauty Marked £6 both really nice deep colours and Beauty Marked it one of my new favs!
These Lashes are awesome they were both £5 each and I had to have the massive dramatic ones! They were just too awesome to not have. The dramatic ones are no: 42 and the other one is called Blinking cool

MAC 272 brush which is an Angled eye brush really soft really lovely and was just £9! BARGIN!

The next lots of stuff is what I got in a bargain bag I got; basically a mix of 10 items for £30 obviously looked for the bag with the most MAC in it! And this one had two pigments a duo eye shadow and eyeliner. So it makes every item £3 which you can’t complain about especially as the Pigments are normally £15 alone!!!!
This was what was in it... MAC pigment in Reflects Blackend red, MAC pigment reflects in transparent teal, Technakohl liner in Plank, Eye Shadow Suite in Ocean 2, Bobbi Brown Blemish Stick in Warm honey 4, Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Pink Truffle 8, Clinique Colour surge Lipstick in Platinum plus 40/240, Clinique Full potential Lips in Rose Bloom 28, Clinique Glosswear for Lips in Sunset 302 and Estee Lauder Tender Lip Balm in Tender Caramel.
The Clinique stuff is nice good colours not sure they are me but as they were in the mix bag I can’t complain might give them away if I don’t think they will suit! I do like Clinique stuff though!

The MAC Pigments are really nice I love pigment I have a few and this Haul helped add to that! The eye liner is lovely have started wearing this istead of going for black going into spring and all that! The eye shadow suo is cute I like the teal black blu but the light blue isnt really my thing makes me think of teenage chav's from school!!

The Estee Lauder Lip balm is a lovely colour, not sure if I will use it but I do like it. The Bobbi Brown Rouge lip and cheek pot is lovely I bought one of these about 4 years ago when I was in San Diego and loved it when I have a tan and want a minimal make up look! The Blemish stick is far too dark for me! This is a shame as they are a good cover up and I would have been so happy if it was in my shade!
So that’s pretty much it! I hope you liked this and enjoyed reading!
Sending hugs

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Coastal Scents Second order

Hey everyone, as I said I would this is the blog post for my second Coastal Scents order. I placed this order on the 27th November 2009 and got a friend to bring it over to the UK for me when he was travelling over in December. However i was on ship until the 8th Jan 2010 so I didn't pick them up until the second week of Jan!!!!

so Im just gonna dive straight into it and give you my opinion!

Italian Badger Pencil Brush & Italian Badger Crease Brush:

Italian Badger Pencil Brush
This is Long slim handled, short bristle but soft still which is nice could be denser though.

Italian Badger Crease Brush
This is a shorter style brush, its not very dense and feels like it could do with more bristles like the pencil one but it is very soft. It works well for building up colour softly which is good when your packing on a bright or very dark colour!

Light Camo Quad & Colour Corrector Camo Quad:
Light Camo Quad:
Now the reviews made me want this everyone saying how creamy it is which is true but It cakes a bit on my under eye area which Is mainly because I have the driest skin ever so maybe when the sun comes out and it warms up this might work better. Good colours though I have very light skin and its a nice mixture of shades in the quad so you can mix to get the perfect match.

Colour Corrector Camo Quad:

Not a fan of this when I got it to be honest I think i was hoping for miracle concealer and it wasn't just doesn't work for me i'm afraid.

Cosmetic Glitters:

Ok for the next five Items I gasps when I opened them! For ones I had no clue what an Ounce was I just ordered it cos it was so cheap anyway and I didn't realise they would be this big!!! So happy though I love them all and Im having to share them as I want others to appreciate them!! So my sister got a pot of each colour to play with!

Fairy Dust 004 1oz:
Just beautiful, perfect to Glam. up any eyeshadow! It is just fairy dust soooo pretty!

Sahara Sand Glitter 1oz:
Just a rich dark pure gold very Lush! Gonna great for summer!

Ocean Blue Glitter 1oz:
OMG I know this is a little sad but anything to do with the sea and Im in love already but this colour is just pure ocean makes me think of mermaids!

Crimson Glitter 1oz:
The red-ist of red glitters ever! haven't used it on the eyes yet but will do it with a vampy look also really want to try and recreate Paloma Faith's Red Glitter Lips in the "Do you want the truth or something beautiful" video.

Sliver Hologram Glitter 1oz:
Add the best dimension to a smokey eye just give it that added wow factor I used this on my Friend Tracy for her Birthday party make up and it looked stunning!

Mineral Blush in True Blush:

I got this just because I was sent that sample last time and I've worn it everyday since I got it!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Gel Liners - sexy pink, Stella & Silk White:

These are lovely so soft smudge-able but set very stubbornly when dry! Stella has become my go to dark liner instead of jet black as its not as harsh!

EZ Pressing medium & mini Spoons:

EZ Prez&Trade Pressing Medium:
Similar reason to the mini spoons bought this to press pigments but still no pans to do so!!!

Mini Spoons 50 pcs:
Now i bought these to help pressing my pigments but I haven't used them yet as being blonde I forgot to Order the pans to do so! So they are sat in a draw…cute though!

This all came to $101.51 but there was a sale for the black friday so I saved 25% Totalling $76.13 which is £50 BARGIN!!!

I think I have curbed my want to buy everything from Coastal Scents now, apart from those empty pans!!! grrrrr I will get those at some point though :)

So once again all of these things were from www.coastalscents.com and go check it out and se what you think!

Stay sexy Sailors! Love Larissa XOXO