Thursday, 25 February 2010

Coastal Scents Second order

Hey everyone, as I said I would this is the blog post for my second Coastal Scents order. I placed this order on the 27th November 2009 and got a friend to bring it over to the UK for me when he was travelling over in December. However i was on ship until the 8th Jan 2010 so I didn't pick them up until the second week of Jan!!!!

so Im just gonna dive straight into it and give you my opinion!

Italian Badger Pencil Brush & Italian Badger Crease Brush:

Italian Badger Pencil Brush
This is Long slim handled, short bristle but soft still which is nice could be denser though.

Italian Badger Crease Brush
This is a shorter style brush, its not very dense and feels like it could do with more bristles like the pencil one but it is very soft. It works well for building up colour softly which is good when your packing on a bright or very dark colour!

Light Camo Quad & Colour Corrector Camo Quad:
Light Camo Quad:
Now the reviews made me want this everyone saying how creamy it is which is true but It cakes a bit on my under eye area which Is mainly because I have the driest skin ever so maybe when the sun comes out and it warms up this might work better. Good colours though I have very light skin and its a nice mixture of shades in the quad so you can mix to get the perfect match.

Colour Corrector Camo Quad:

Not a fan of this when I got it to be honest I think i was hoping for miracle concealer and it wasn't just doesn't work for me i'm afraid.

Cosmetic Glitters:

Ok for the next five Items I gasps when I opened them! For ones I had no clue what an Ounce was I just ordered it cos it was so cheap anyway and I didn't realise they would be this big!!! So happy though I love them all and Im having to share them as I want others to appreciate them!! So my sister got a pot of each colour to play with!

Fairy Dust 004 1oz:
Just beautiful, perfect to Glam. up any eyeshadow! It is just fairy dust soooo pretty!

Sahara Sand Glitter 1oz:
Just a rich dark pure gold very Lush! Gonna great for summer!

Ocean Blue Glitter 1oz:
OMG I know this is a little sad but anything to do with the sea and Im in love already but this colour is just pure ocean makes me think of mermaids!

Crimson Glitter 1oz:
The red-ist of red glitters ever! haven't used it on the eyes yet but will do it with a vampy look also really want to try and recreate Paloma Faith's Red Glitter Lips in the "Do you want the truth or something beautiful" video.

Sliver Hologram Glitter 1oz:
Add the best dimension to a smokey eye just give it that added wow factor I used this on my Friend Tracy for her Birthday party make up and it looked stunning!

Mineral Blush in True Blush:

I got this just because I was sent that sample last time and I've worn it everyday since I got it!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Gel Liners - sexy pink, Stella & Silk White:

These are lovely so soft smudge-able but set very stubbornly when dry! Stella has become my go to dark liner instead of jet black as its not as harsh!

EZ Pressing medium & mini Spoons:

EZ Prez&Trade Pressing Medium:
Similar reason to the mini spoons bought this to press pigments but still no pans to do so!!!

Mini Spoons 50 pcs:
Now i bought these to help pressing my pigments but I haven't used them yet as being blonde I forgot to Order the pans to do so! So they are sat in a draw…cute though!

This all came to $101.51 but there was a sale for the black friday so I saved 25% Totalling $76.13 which is £50 BARGIN!!!

I think I have curbed my want to buy everything from Coastal Scents now, apart from those empty pans!!! grrrrr I will get those at some point though :)

So once again all of these things were from and go check it out and se what you think!

Stay sexy Sailors! Love Larissa XOXO


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