Thursday, 8 April 2010

Estee Lauder Company Store Haul

Hey guys,
This is a pretty awesome Haul. I had the pleasure of going to the Estee Lauder company shop in Petersfield, UK which is like the CCO's which are around the world BUT the discounts are like 30-70%!! it’s crazy I always get so much when I go and its just silly prices! You can basically pick up discontinued stuff as well as limited edition and over stock. So this is just to share with you what I got!
Right! This is everything I purchased which came to a total of £118 for 17 MAC items, 3 Clinique, 1 Estee lauder and 2 Bobbi Brown CRAZY I know!!!

MAC Dazzleglass in Hey, Sailor £6 now I bought two of these cos I’m a Sailor! And I kinda had to! I was on the Oosterdam in 2007 when this came out and didn’t buy any them as I spent something stupid on Bobbi Brown as that was the brand I loved then but now I regret not getting it as I want it for collectors purpose. I managed to get Ensign and Love knot from a CCO not long ago so that make me happy and I have 3 of the pigments and one of the Eye Shadows so I’m getting there!!

MAC Dazzleglass in Goldyrocks £8 and Utterly Posh £7 i wouldn’t normally buy these from a regular MAC store as they are expensive and you get like no product so I thought I would try some at least from here they aren’t too pricy and see if I like them!
MAC Dame Edna Beauty Powder in Spectacle this was £9 and I didn’t even realised it had the gold embossing on it until I got it home! Love it too scared to use it!!
Ok I have no idea why I thought this pigment would be practical but it was too awesome to leave behind! It was £8 as you can see which is a saving of £7 from the original price. The colour is crazy and unless I go raving soon I don’t know how I will make this work!!!
MAC Liquidlast Liner in Visionaire and MAC Glitter Eye liner in Kitty Power which is from the Hello Kitty collection which was cool as I totally missed that Collection I think I was at sea or something maybe in Alaska or something rubbish like that! So I’m trying to get some of it from places like this and CCo’s. I think these were like £7 each.
MAC Eye Shadows in Mont Black £5 and Beauty Marked £6 both really nice deep colours and Beauty Marked it one of my new favs!
These Lashes are awesome they were both £5 each and I had to have the massive dramatic ones! They were just too awesome to not have. The dramatic ones are no: 42 and the other one is called Blinking cool

MAC 272 brush which is an Angled eye brush really soft really lovely and was just £9! BARGIN!

The next lots of stuff is what I got in a bargain bag I got; basically a mix of 10 items for £30 obviously looked for the bag with the most MAC in it! And this one had two pigments a duo eye shadow and eyeliner. So it makes every item £3 which you can’t complain about especially as the Pigments are normally £15 alone!!!!
This was what was in it... MAC pigment in Reflects Blackend red, MAC pigment reflects in transparent teal, Technakohl liner in Plank, Eye Shadow Suite in Ocean 2, Bobbi Brown Blemish Stick in Warm honey 4, Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Pink Truffle 8, Clinique Colour surge Lipstick in Platinum plus 40/240, Clinique Full potential Lips in Rose Bloom 28, Clinique Glosswear for Lips in Sunset 302 and Estee Lauder Tender Lip Balm in Tender Caramel.
The Clinique stuff is nice good colours not sure they are me but as they were in the mix bag I can’t complain might give them away if I don’t think they will suit! I do like Clinique stuff though!

The MAC Pigments are really nice I love pigment I have a few and this Haul helped add to that! The eye liner is lovely have started wearing this istead of going for black going into spring and all that! The eye shadow suo is cute I like the teal black blu but the light blue isnt really my thing makes me think of teenage chav's from school!!

The Estee Lauder Lip balm is a lovely colour, not sure if I will use it but I do like it. The Bobbi Brown Rouge lip and cheek pot is lovely I bought one of these about 4 years ago when I was in San Diego and loved it when I have a tan and want a minimal make up look! The Blemish stick is far too dark for me! This is a shame as they are a good cover up and I would have been so happy if it was in my shade!
So that’s pretty much it! I hope you liked this and enjoyed reading!
Sending hugs


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