Saturday, 3 July 2010

In the Groove Haul

Well, this collection came out on Thursday the 1st July which is crazy as its yet another collection that has been released in the UK before the USA!! The previous full collection, MAC To The Beach, was realised over here first unfortunately I didn’t really get to look at it before all the good stuff sold out so no Marine life for me! Never mind!!!

So the thing I was most excited about was the Mineralized Skin Finished (MSF) and I was so happy that I managed to get the three I wanted. Ok so the one I was most excited about was “By Candleight” it is a beautiful skin toned champagne colour which give a lovely sheen, basically the perfect highlight!

Second MSF is “Petticoat” this is a burnt rose also not too shimmery which some of the MSF’s can be. Personally this will be an evening pop of colour on the cheeks or even on the lids I’m pretty pale so I tend to be very soft with colour as I get paranoid about looking too doll like with bright cheeks I over blend to be sure!

Finally the one that has a little bit of a cult following “Stereo Rose” this is a lot stronger in the pan than on the skin. It is a coral with bronzed veining it transfers as a very subtle peach coral. Very gorgeous! I cannot wait to wear this.

I also got a mineralized blush from the collection called “Happy Together” I love the name! Its caramel and a light bronze the perfect contouring and highlighting duo, or swirl it for some cheek action!

I also got a Superglass which Steve helped me chose which one, it’s nice to have a man’s opinion sometimes! It is “Sugar Overload” a very nude colour it is crazy how much glitter they pack into these. It is slightly tacky but I don’t think it’s too bad. On its own it’s nothing amazing it just gives a nice shimmery gloss but over some lippy will make it pop just that little bit more! Am tempted to look into the brighter colours.... I’m not sure.
So what will you be buying from this collection???

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine xoxo


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