Monday, 9 August 2010

Goodies Swap with Jerlyn AKA Makeupfreeek

OMG I was so excited to come home from The Isle of Scilly on Friday to find a massive box on my bed waiting for me! I couldn’t believe what massive amounts of goodies she had sent to me. This is just a quick post to say THANKS to Jerlyn for sending me so many wonderful things. I will be putting more posts up later when I have played around in more depth and can give you a tried and tested opinion of the stuff she sent me.
This is just a few of the things she sent me If any of my new followers want a post on a specific thing then comment and let me know!
The lovely things she sent me!!!.... 3 China Glaze polishes, MAC MSF in Refined, MAC Blush in Spaced Out, NYX blush, 10 single eye shadows, lip glosses, 4 lipsticks, nail art pen in black, NYX jumbo pencil in milk, Sigma shadow, ELF Lip gloss, ELF lashes, NYX lashes, NARS Lip Gloss, Stila Smudge pot.... and many more!!!!
Once again I would like to thank Jerlyn for sending me all of these amazing things I love it all so much!!!


makeupfreeek said...

YOUR WELCOME LARISSA :) omg.. the lush sparkle bar. DEF melted :( haha in the picture it looks so disgusting! haha it used to be in the shape of a star... but i guess it melted :( sorry!

MNavyPrincess said...

Heheheee yeah i know but never mind its still totally useable!!!!! Thank once again!!! xoxoxoxo

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