Thursday, 5 January 2012

Inglot Palette Number Four - Swatches

YAY Finally I hear you say! Since I have got quite a bit of interest in my blog with regards to my Inglot swatches I decided to swatch the last palette for you to all see! This, I think, is my most forgotten about palette, as I get distracted by the bright colours  and sparkles in the other ones but you will see there are some decent dents in this palette. When I do remember to use it I love it! You can see second row from the top and the middle shade is very well used, this was in my original 10 pan palette which I purchased in the middle of 2009!! 

 This is the whole palette, beautiful isn't it! 

 496DS, 35AMC, 447P, 501DS, 448P.
 353M, 352M, 467DS, 488DS, 431P.
 341M, 368M, 361M, 393P, 328M.
463DS, 80AMC, 34AMC, 34AMC, 430P.
Yes I realise my massive error on this row. 
Two of the same shadow! BUT to my defense they don't actually look the same, putting the pans side by side one is more orange and warmer than the other. I have honestly only just realised this as well! Hahahaha EPIC FAIL. Well at least they swatch differently!

Oh well, that's all my Inglot eyeshadows hope you have enjoyed this little swatch fest!


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