Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sea Salt caramel topped Pretzel brownies

This has to be my absolute favourite recipe I have ever made! I saw this on my friends Facebook pages and just had to give it a go. It was a bit of a cheat but I thought if I try it with a box mix and it's great it will only be better when I make it the next time round from scratch, which is totally happening FYI!
So this is what you need if you are going to do the cheat version... 
1 x Box of chocolate fudge brownie mix (I used Betty Crocker)
1 x bag of Sea Salt Pretzels
1 x Can of Caramel sauce 
Now the box mix calls for a 11 x 7 inch pan, I did not have any square or rectangular pans so I opted for round which to be honest makes it look more like a cake anyway which means you can eat it a slice at a time, one will not be enough trust me! So lets do this...
1. Turn oven on as required on the box mix instructions
2. Mix the box brownies up as required.
3. Grease and line the pan you are going to use, greaseproof paper make its a lot easier to get the out so I highly recommend taking the time to do this. 
4. Put a layer of the brownie mix on the bottom of the pan spread evenly
5. Place a layer or pretzels on top of the mix
6. repeat 4 and 5 as many times as you wish! Make sure you end with a layer of brownie mix so the pretzels are covered.
7. Place in the oven as per instructions, remember using a different pan with change the cooking times so just keep an eye on them, the last thing you want is over cooked brownies!
8. Once cooked remove from pan as soon as possible, baked goods in pans/tins will keep cooking once out of the oven if you keep them in the pan/tin. So take it out and get it on a wire rack as soon as possible! 
9. Once it has cooled smother this bad boy in Caramel, you can make your own but like I said before this was the lazy version. Put as much or as little caramel on as you fancy.
10. Sprinkle with sea salt again as much as you like! 

Then DIVE IN!!!! This is the perfect treat to satisfy that sweet and salt craving and goes amazingly with Vanilla ice cream!! 
I may do another post next time I make this when I do it from scratch although I do have half a can of caramel yet so might just have to use that up!
I hope you have enjoyed this little recipe please if you make this let me know and send me a picture @MNavyPrincess on both Instagram and Twitter!! I would love to see you enjoy it too! 


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