Thursday, 20 March 2014

Changes #1

Dear all,
I have been toying with the idea of starting a new blog changing things around and making it all better. However I have been stuck for ideas as what to change it to what I wanted my blog to be and basically I have been putting it off. So today I have changed it's name to my own mainly because I couldn't think of anything better, witty or funny so hey my name will do! Now I need to make a list of what I want to change. No only on my blog but in my life. As there is for everyone, struggles in my life, no harder than anyone else but they are still struggles and I want to try and turn those around or learn from them and improve my life and those around me. So this is my list of what I want to do...

  1. Document my days and experiences that make me smile so I can look back upon them and be grateful 
  2. Make more trips away, visit friends, keep in contact more and make others smile! - it's so refreshing to get away and only being away and taking a step back makes you realise this!
  3. Take time out - some days my mood really changes and I don't like it I need to remember no matter what taking a little me time be it alone or with friends is okay
  4. Do creative things - I am an arty person but due to lack of space I can't keep things out to enable me to pick them up when I want so alot of planning goes its doing something in an evening or off the cuff. I need to make more effort and maybe dig out a lighter sketchbook hehe
  5. Do a little more for others - Even if I don't feel like it, doing a little thing for someone else can make a difference in their day being great or not.
So I know I am not exactly planning to end world hunger or cure cancer but baby steps to change things may lead to bigger leaps to do more dramatic things so lets see how this goes. 

L x 


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