Friday, 27 September 2013

Costco Haul

Hello lovelies, 
I am back again this time with a mini little haul which has a bargain side to it! Last weekend I ventured to Costco with the old parents as they have a membership card! I wasn't overly excited about the place until I found the cake section which I was basically just in heaven. Being on Slimming World at the moment meant that I was only able to look and not buy but hey it was all very delicious looking and I really did  have to peel myself away from the Red Velvet cupcakes which were more like a whole family sized cake each they were no where near any cup size I had seen!! 
Anyway I digress, at this point the only thing I have put in the (giant american sized) trolley were a pair of capri work out leggings which were a fab but at around £14. However it all changed when I discovered the health and beauty section!!! The prices I am quoting are without VAT so basically add 20% to the amount and that is what I actually paid.... still all bargains in my eyes!!

 I have used this toothpaste for years now I think form when it launched to be honest and I love it. It does make your teeth whiter and its not too minty which is good because I have never liked mint very much. These are normally around £3.50 each in Boots/Superdrug/Supermarket where ever you shop. Sometimes you can get them on offer which is when I tend to stock up but I think I am pretty set now! This pack of 4 cost me..... £6.38 I think it was. There was extra discount on them so they were super cheap which is fab!!
I have used Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream for as long as I can remember I suffer with very bad Eczema and this can help me take the edge of it when I sleep as I can cover the areas that need moisture with it and just let it sink in. My skin is so dry I can actually use this under my make up in the morning.... yeah tell me about it!! Crappy skin huh!! So it was my mum that found this and I luckily had phone reception in Costco so I was able to google prices of things to check them and the 50ml of 8 Hour is £25 online and this set was £24 for the two!!!! 
This is the lotion I have started using after I  have Phototherapy at the Hospital (for my eczema and acne) the basically have a selection of moisturisers for you to help yourself to after the treatment as it can be very drying. This is the only one not available on the NHS but it is available in Boots stores at £8.99 FOR 236ml and I don't think I have seen them in any of my local boots. These are 591ml and for the two it cost me around £12 if I remember correctly. They also had the cleanser which I would be interested to try and this lotion is very light but does a great job at moisturising. My skin as been alot happier since I got it. 
This was a two pack which I split with my mum as I was in need of a new mascara and thought I would share the pack with her the two pack was around £14 which is reasonable for a high end mascara. I haven't started using it yet but I like trying new mascaras so fingers crossed I like it! 
Overall I really enjoyed our little Costco trip I did have to resist buying the 64oz jar of Jelly Belly beans though...That was really tough :( 
Have you been to a Costco? Find any bargains?? 


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