Monday, 12 March 2012

Little MAC Haul!

Hello there people of the world! 

I have a little MAC haul to share with you today. I ordered these products on the collection release day in the UK which I believe was the Thursday 1st March. They took about a week or so to arrive which was a little slow but thats the free delivery for ya! 

So I bought 2 products from the Shop/Cook collection and 1 from the Vera collection. I had spent many hours reading Temptalia's posts on these collection and what I really desired rather than just wanted for the sake of wanting. I have never tried the tendertones and all the talk and the hype made me want to try one hence the purchase of Tread Gently. This is also my first creme blush from MAC and the face powder was just too pretty to pass up on!
My three goodies totalling £50!!! 
MAC Tendertone in Tread Gently £ 11.00
MAC Cremeblend Blush in Florida £17.50

Pearlmatte Face Powder in SUnday Afternoon £21.50
I love the look of this powder it's so beautiful, I haven't used any of these products yet but I cannot wait to do so!!! 
Oh and I thought I would addd this picture in and the end for fun. Inside my box, which by the way was a massive box considering the size of the 3 products that had to be shipped together, I had two sheets of stickers from the Shop/Cook collection! Random but hey!!! 

What did you buy from the latest MAC collection's if anything??? xoxoxo 


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