Thursday, 20 March 2014

A weekend escape

In light of one of my new New Years resolutions made this year which to be honest are more like life guidelines than actual check off's, well some are but not all. I decided this weekend to make the crazy decision to run away to Cornwall for the weekend to see some friends. Some may indeed say I am mad but I've done worse things in my life that drive 4 hours to stay with friends and get lost in new places. I oddly enjoy the fear of driving to places I've not been too and generally will tackle this task without a Sat Nav and just go old school read road signs and make lots of U turns however I did take Tom (TomTom original I know) with me for the tricky bits where I would definitely get proper lost. 
So I thought I would share a few snaps of where I found myself and where I realised how important getting away really is. 
 This is a little place called Charlestown, I was meant to be meeting a friend here for lunch but unfortunately they didn't make it. However I had a lovely lunch by myself in the sunshine watching the world go by. The seaside town was so pretty and I wondered around all the galleries and shops just looking at everything that was on offer and enjoying the warmth of the sun on my skin. 

I then decided a trip to Fowey was in order as every one at work has banged on about it for months as I have been discussing my summer road trip to Cornwall and deciding where to go. So as it was only 20 minutes drive from where I was I thought why not I still had a good chunk of the day to play with and thought this would be a nice place to go for an ice cream. In doing so I discovered the house I would like to live in with a gorgeous view. This River hugging town is just stunning I fell in love instantly It was buzzing with families and dogs which made me even happier I do love saying hello to any dog that lets me! There were lots of lovely independent shops and coffee shop's too which if I hadn't has eaten a huge lunch I would have dived right into. There were loads of little galleries with local artists sat there making and selling their work, this is something I love and I think is a faint dream of what I would like to do by being completely at one with your hobby, work and home life all in one space. So beautiful. 
Next time I am down this way I am definitely heading to The Lifebuoy Cafe it was so inviting and with a nautical name it was bound to grab my attention, such a shame I was so full. 
Sunday was another glorious day and a walk was in order Rame Head to Cawsand. Fully aware of the stick I would get at work for going to the most popular fixing point for this area with the RN It was definitely worth it (mainly because I met a gorgeous dog who I wanted to steal away) the views were stunning and the sea looked so inviting. The walk was refreshing and many things were discussed and chewed over which was humbling. If we had been better planned, it would have been the perfect day for a picnic. Something to keep in mind next time. 
So after what felt like a very long drive home I made it back to reality with fond memories and a souvenir or two from the trip. Sad to say I am suffering from sea side withdrawals and I am currently have to deal with a million thoughts on how I can sell everything I own to move to the be by the sea. Until then I will just have to have a cuppa tea and wait for all of this to blow over :) 
L x


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